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JetSetter Fresh is an exclusive circle of the freshest socialites to roam the Earth. It is the creme de la creme of beautiful, accomplished, and influential international trendsetters participating in supreme social events unreachable by ordinary people. is the gateway and ultimate luxury source for all people desiring this ultra-affluent jet setter status. JetSetter Fresh provides a sophisticated perspective on various products, arts, services, events, locations, and subjects about the best that life has to offer.

JetSetter Fresh explores the good life- travel, nightlife, events, art, design, food, drink, and high society jet setter world. JetSetter Fresh provides first class services by leading the charge in elevating awareness about trends, tastes, and styles. JetSetter Fresh aggregates the most relevant and trend forward information for the obsessive and cool cultural explorer. JetSetter Fresh is the ultimate connoisseur for individuals searching for the supreme lifestyle of leisure.

JetSetter Fresh’s editorial team is comprised of creative, culturally aware, uber-charming, and socially sophisticated individuals that are active participants in the jet setting lifestyle. They come from all over the world with very distinct and distinguished tastes for the next level of cool.

Founded by executives involved in the advertising, marketing and high-profile product development world. JetSetter Fresh consists of creative talent working for Sony Computer Entertainment America, Unilever, TOKYOPOP, LaFace Records, Goldfinger Creative, First Fridays Japan, Japan Rap and Peace, Fuji RockFest, Honolulu International Film Festival, Electronic Arts, Activision, THQ, Warner Bros. Interactive, Disney Imagineering, Toyota, G4 Networks, and Pepsi.

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